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License: AMFT113952
Supervised by Margaret Benson Thompson, LMFT 31507

Telephone: (510) 545-3360
Office Hours: Please call or email to inquire about scheduling.

Jessica Vechakul, AMFT, MPH, PhD

We face so many pressures about who we should be and how we should live our lives.

Sometimes we end up hiding parts of ourselves or conforming to belong. And we lose touch with who we truly are and what makes us feel alive. This disconnection to our truth can lead to feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, or not good enough.

Imagine what it would be like to feel whole and accepted for all of your beautiful complexity.

Therapy can be a non-judgmental space for you to reflect and explore what matter most to you. I can support you in healing old wounds and transforming harmful patterns that lead to feeling stuck, emotional upheaval, depletion, or chronic illness.

Together, we can uncover the roots of what is holding you back (whether it’s internalized, interpersonal, or sociocultural) so you can create more of the life you want.

Throughout my life, hardships led me to seek healing in many forms. My life struggles help me relate to people who suffer from a variety of issues.

The insights and skills I gained in my own healing journey enable me to support others. And, the difficulties I’ve worked through have become my areas of specialization.

Now, I am passionate about helping people create a life of joy and fulfillment.

I can support you in:

  • Connecting with your inner guidance

  • Developing strong boundaries and groundedness

  • Cultivating compassion for yourself and others

  • Finding purpose and meaning

You have the healing potential within you. If you want a partner to support you along your journey of healing and self-discovery, contact me to see how we can work together.

Clinical Approach

  • Psychodynamic therapy

  • Narrative therapy

  • Anti-oppression practice

  • Relational therapy

  • Expressive arts therapy

  • Depth Hypnosis

  • Buddhist and shamanic spiritual counseling

areas of clinical work

  • Cultural or ethnic identity development

  • Sexual orientation & gender identity/expression

  • Anxiety/Depression/Stress, especially due to systemic oppression

  • Reclaiming agency and vitality after trauma

  • Adjusting to life transitions (e.g., work, health, family)

  • Acculturation & immigration challenges

  • Monogamous or open/polyamorous relationships

  • Interracial or multiheritage relationships

Modalities Available

I offer individual therapy, relationship counseling, and family therapy. I welcome people of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, country, ability, and size. I will honor and respect you for all that you are.


Free 20-minute phone consult. Please call to inquire about fees. Payment is accepted by cash or check for in-person sessions or credit card for online therapy.


I am an out-of-network therapist. If your insurance plan, Health Savings Account, or Flexible Spending Account offers reimbursements, I can provide a superbill or receipt for services.

Office Location

2701 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Office Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible elevator, bathrooms, and office.
Stairs are an alternative to the elevator.
Gender neutral bathrooms.