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Telephone: 510-463-4471
Fax: 510-373-6471
Office hours: 11am - 8pm Monday, Thursday, Friday;
Tuesday evenings

I also offer hybrid online psychotherapeutic services for clients who cannot make in office meetings every week. A minimum of 2 office visits per month is required.

Courtney Watson, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AASECT Certified Sex therapist completing a PhD in Human Sexuality. I have a bias in therapy, and that bias is to help you move toward your greater truth. I don’t get to determine what your truth is, you do! I can, however, help you be honest with yourself about the roadblocks stopping you from reaching your goals and the steps you need to take to continue your journey to the being the healthiest you. This is true whether working in individual, couple, 2+ or sex therapy.

clinical approach

Postcolonial Feminist lens centering decolonization with Gestalt and Narrative models

Areas of Clinical Work

I work to support QTPOC in managing the day to day stressors that come with marginalized identities and healing from

past/ongoing trauma. I work with couples looking to work through major and minor traumas that have occurred through the course of their relationship with a special interest in helping folks navigate multi-heritage relationships. I offer sex positive sex therapy for folks who are looking to move into a healthier and fuller sense of their sexual selves. I provide a queer, poly, kinky and sex worker safe space that is affirming of whatever marginalized identities folks bring in and never shaming.

Modalities Available

Individual, couples, poly and sex therapy


$180 for individual, $220 couple, $250 sex therapy


No insurance but will offer superbill for insurance reimbursement


298 Grand Ave., Oakland, California 94603

Office accessibility

Not ADA accessible (unfortuneately)