Because of the small communities we find ourselves in as LGBTQs of Color, early on QTOC had to address how we would handle the multiple relationships/multiple roles that are an inevitable part of our group. We created our multicultural ethics in 2009.

Multicultural Ethics

  • Openness

  • Patience

  • Flexibility

  • Transparency

  • Awareness of power dynamics inherent in these relationships when in different roles (e.g., clinician and client, supervisor and supervisee, teacher and student)

  • Conversations outside of the group/privately one on one to discuss MR/MR issues

  • Upholding confidentiality

  • Extra careful about identifying information

  • “Safe word” to use if/when boundary is too close, need to excuse oneself

  • Clarity regarding roles/responsibilities in the group

  • Sharing beliefs and values; no assumptions regarding shared beliefs and values

  • Create a conflict resolution plan/agreement in anticipation and preventions for future conflicts within the group

  • Acknowledging conflict appropriately

  • Recognize this is new! We will take risks, make mistakes, be growing and learning together – have compassion for each other