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Marcella M Raimondo, PhD, MPH

Individual therapy is a collaborative process to help you have a quality of life that is meaningful to you.

Body Image Issues, Eating Problems, Eating Disorders

Our relationship with ourselves begins with our bodies and thus with how we eat. For many reasons, we can become overwhelmed with our daily body experience. For many of us, our bodies are targeted which can ultimately lead to us not owning our own bodies. These experiences can lead us feeling confused, frightened, hopeless, angry, just to name a few emotions. Eating problems and body image issues are a disconnection from yourself and a disconnection from others. And eating issues serve a purpose despite the guilt, shame and confusion they bring.

My approach to helping you combat your eating problems and body image issues is to find the meaning and purpose of your eating problems and body image issues while working with you to challenge your behaviors. I believe in helping you find meaning and purpose in your daily experiences that translates to coming home in your bodies and having a meaningful relationship with food. I take a health at every size approach (HAES) because I truly believe our communities can only thrive when we embrace the complexity and beauty of all bodies.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate in your health and healing!

Clinical Approach


I offer a compassionate, mindful, and collaborative approach to psychotherapy. My style is warm and reflective. I utilize a multitude of techniques in session such as: finding meaning and purpose of your eating and body image struggles, developing coping skills, interpersonal process, experiential/exposure techniques, focus on your strengths, and behavioral challenges. While treatment can be challenging, it is more an investment to help you move past your eating and body image struggles and living a life that meaningful and filled with joy.


Racism, oppression, marginalization and identity confusion contribute significantly to eating disorders in diverse people. This workshop explores how clinical work and research focusing on multicultural and LGBTQ communities can help to improve the delivery of multicultural sensitive screening, treatment and prevention efforts. Trainings are conducted in a safe, sensitive and personal environment, where people can bring in their curiosity and experiences for sharing. People leave connected and empowered along with specific treatment ideas and tools.

Modalities Available

Individual therapy

Staff, Intern, Student Trainings. Trainings are tailored for your staff and needs.



$150 – 50 minute Session
$70- sliding scale


$150 for a 45-60-minute training
$250 for a 1.5-2 hour training
$500 for a 3-4 hour training
$2000- for an all day training

Fee reductions based on income and financial need are negotiable for those who cannot afford my full fee.  Please contact me to discuss fee and payment options.


Not accepted

Office Location

Therapy - Oakland
Trainings are provided to your clinic/agency

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Therapy – 1st floor, wheelchair accessible
Trainings are provided to your clinic/agency