Angela Hasty, PhD

Psychological Services

License: PSY17960

Telephone: +1 (510) 263-5280
Fax: (480) 275-3064
Office Hours: 7a.m. - 7p.m.

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice with more than 20 years of clinical experience working with men and women on issues of vital importance in their daily lives. I am deeply committed to helping people create the most fulfilling lives possible, as they move through and (MORE INFORMATION)


Keiko Lane, MFT

LicENSE: MFT44341

Phone: (510) 527-6188
Office hours: varied
Office location: 3120 Telegraph Ave., Suite 11, Berkeley, CA. 94705

The impact of collective historic and public events on lives marginalized by dominant cultures often goes unrecognized. Especially for women, LGBT, and queer-identified people, people of color, people living with HIV, and other people marginalized by dominant power paradigms the body is often a site of cultural dislocation.  (MORE INFORMATION)

Marcella M Raimondo, PhD, MPH

License: PSY27037

Telephone: (510) 214-2865
Office Hours: Trainings are provided to your clinic/agency

Individual therapy is a collaborative process to help you have a quality of life that is meaningful to you. (MORE INFORMATION)


Victoria Julita Spiers, AMF


Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Supervised by
Gieve Patel, LMFT (MFC#47196)
Telephone: (415) 252-4856 or (628) 888-6233
Office Hours: Wednesdays (in Berkeley) 10am to 8pm; Thursdays (in Berkeley) 10am to 7pm; Fridays (in SF) 8am to 6pm; Saturdays (in SF) 9am to 5pm

I believe that we are all resilient creative cacti doing our best to survive our difficult circumstances and painful struggles. As a non-pathologizing humanistic-existential Gestalt therapist, I will meet you exactly where you are. I recognize that you are the expert (MORE INFORMATION)


Cheri Tsai, MFT

LICENSE: 104656
3120 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705
Telephone: (415) 857-5638
Office Hours: Please call or email to inquire about scheduling

I'm a licensed psychotherapist with a practice on downtown Oakland and the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco. My work is especially effective in helping adults, who suffer from issues such as self-doubt, trouble with intimacy, depression and anxiety, or the inability to manifest career or relationship...(MORE INFORMATION)

Shin Yi Tsai, LCSW

License: LCS23959

3120 Telegraph Ave. #12,
Berkeley, CA 94705; at the border of Oakland and Berkeley
Telephone: (510) 496-2730
Fax: (510) 842-0042
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, daytime and evening

Therapy can offer you greater opportunities for personal healing and growth along with a deeper connection to yourself and others. I provide compassionate support and guidance to help you better understand feelings and thoughts, find new ways of coping, and to feel more alive and authentic. (MORE INFORMATION)

Jessica Vechakul-3.jpg

Jessica Vechakul, AMFT, MPH, PhD

license: AMFT113952
Supervised by Margaret Benson Thompson, LMFT 31507

2701 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA 94710.
Telephone: 510-545-3360
Office Hours: Please call or email to inquire about scheduling.
If you are in California, I can also offer online therapy if we mutually agree that this option will meet your needs.

Imagine what it would be like to feel whole and accepted for all of your beautiful complexity.

Therapy can be a non-judgmental space for you to reflect and explore what matter most to you….MORE INFORMATION

Raquel Wells, LCSW


2991 Shattuck Suite 302, Berkely CA 94103
Telephone: (510) 426-5959
Office Hours: Sunday, Monday, Thursday

I am licensed clinical social worker. I have been working with individuals, families, and communities for over fifteen years. The last ten as a clinical social worker focused on anti-oppression practice and system theory approaches...MORE INFORMATION